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"FidoSofts" is one of the worlds best independent partners company working independently for different works. We are headquartered in Mumbai, India and help provide Quality Software Solutions & Services to Clients of all sizes around the world. Our unique and expert team platform deploys the services across the quality assurance lifecycle on a 24X7 basis and delivers an unparalleled end-user experience for mission critical applications and projects.

FidoSofts was founded in Mumbai by graduates of Pune Universities across the world. Currently, our company satisfied more than 200+ clients all over India.


Our Team Advantages

Creative & Smart Team

We are passionate software developer team who work to deploy the best quality product with fulfills the client requirements and we mainly works for the client satisfaction.

Team Aim

"Our aim is simple - to provide affordable web design and development services for Mobile and Computer by creating websites that fully meet your requirements a professional look that inspire confidence in your customer."

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Gathering requirements for the project is the most important part for project managers and internal customers of a project. We truly analyze the customer states the expectations of the project including who will use the product, how the customer will use the product, and the specific information included with any special customer requirements related to the software.

The customer meets with business managers and analysts to provide the requirements. It's important for our project team to understand the needs of the customer because this information is critical to developing the product the customer requests. After the customer provides requirements for the product, our project manager and members of the project team begin to analyze the requirements. And in such a way, we will complete all customers’ requirements.

Planning, Designing and Development

The Project Planning is the important phase in the project. It involves creating of a set of plans to help guide our team through the execution and closure phases of the project. So we make a plans that will helps you to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues.

We make plan to design your project with regarding to maintain quality and with fulfillment of your requirement. We choose the some best design pattern to develop your software or product. We select the design pattern that will be helpful to understand. After that we develop your software that fulfills your requirements. We develop a hight quality software’s for you.

Project Delivery with Training

Finally, when product is develop we make maximum testing on that software to maintain quality and check requirements. And after that when time comes to deliver product to client. We deliver the project to client with proper training on that project regarding how it works and may more information. Here we provide training to the real time users.

For us delivery of project is not mean that we are we are further responsible after delivery. We are always provide the free maintenance to our clients. Whenever our clients ask us for any help regarding the product, we are always there for them.

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